Far Cry 4: 10 Amazing Features We Know Of So Far

10 very persuasive reasons why Ubisoft's next entry in the explosive FPS series will be the best yet!

The Far Cry series has been steadily generating huge levels of hype and success, ever since the (relatively) unpopular first game's release in 2004. Ubisoft's first-person shooter franchise is now one of the most popular on the market, thanks to its blend of fast-paced shooting, open-ended gameplay and exotic locations. While Far Cry featured non-linear gameplay, it was Far Cry 2 that really brought true open world to the series, with its African savannahs. Far Cry 3 took the series to a new level, both narratively and in its stunning gameplay. The story of Jason Brody and the villain Vaas has already become a modern gaming classic, introducing an emotional core that prior games had been lacking. Announced earlier this year, Far Cry 4 looks set to be another great entry in the series. While the bulk of Far Cry 4 appears to continue the tropes set by earlier games, there are also many exciting new features that set it apart. In particular, the new setting of the Himalayas is a marked departure from anything seen in the first three games. This list takes a look at 10 of the most exciting new features we currently know will be in the fourth Far Cry title. From awesome new ways to devastate enemies, to getting your friends in on the action, Far Cry 4 shows every sign of becoming one of your most played games this year and next.
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