FIFA 13 is released at the end of the week and as always one of the favourite features is the career mode.

To celebrate I’ve made a list of eight teams worth managing. Since this edition allows for managers to join international teams, I’ve included a couple of national team jobs as well.

8. Recreativo Huelva – Liga Segunda

Alexander Mackay and Robert Russell Ross were two Scotsmen living in Spain. They worked at the Rio Tinto mines as doctors and they created Recreativo Huelva as a way for the miners to keep in shape under their supervision. Football had finally arrived in Spain.

El Decano won several Andalusian championships in the early 1910s and they were the first Spanish team to defeat a Portuguese side when they beat Sporting Club de Portugal; more commonly known as Sportin Lisbon.   

They have enjoyed a few seasons in the top division but they have always end up in a relegation battle. At the moment they currently sit in the second division and show no evidence of challenging for promotion.

Why not show some love for Spain’s oldest team? Real Madrid and Barcelona may be the most affluent but Huelva will always be the oldest. Take them back to the top division in Spanish football and win a championship; omething Recre have never managed to do.

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This article was first posted on September 24, 2012