FIFA 13 PC Bug: EA Sports Working On Fix

Over the past couple of days since launch, some PC gamers have been reporting bugs with their versions of the…

Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor

Over the past couple of days since launch, some PC gamers have been reporting bugs with their versions of the game, relating to the game crashing frequently just after the EA Sports logo appears on screen, or as the player tries to access the settings screen. Gamers have been taking to the official EA forums to confirm the issues, which thus far remains unresolved by EA, as well as to suggest quick fixes to their fellow bugged players.

EA have actually responded with a post suggesting that the best way to fix the problem is either to check for an update and install it and make sure the latest version of the game is running, or to repair install, but there are still players posting that the crashes are continuing as before.

Across the board there are a number of suggested fixes, including installing Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, making the file ‘replay0.bin’ a read-only file, installing or enabling Windows Media Player, or in a few cases starting a new PC user with admin access and without non English letters. Some are reporting success from those fixes, but others are still left with the crashing problem, and until EA Sports offer a universal fix it seems some players are going to be left disappointed.

The good news is however that EA Sports are aware of the issues and are working on that fix, and it should be incoming. Though that doesn’t quite make up for the fact that the game was released with such a major problem for some users.

This is the second notable error to plague FIFA 13 players, as EA Sports have already carried out maintenance on the game’s online service to address multiple issues reported by users since release, including problems relating to connection stability during matchmaking in Seasons mode, trade-pile issues in Ultimate Team, and disconnections while purchasing FIFA Points. Those problems were fixed, though there were still some question marks relating to a freeze that occurs when starting a new career with a team containing free transfer players. Until they can find a permanent fix, the advice from EA is to remove free agents from customized squads in Career Mode.

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