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FIFA 13. Deary me. Where do I start with FIFA 13? In my opinion, FIFA 13 is one of the worst of the series. I honestly believe the franchise has gone backwards in terms of overall enjoyment, there are just too many flaws. From keepers missing the ball when it’s pee rolling towards them to Giovinco beating Thiago Silva in the air – we’ve seen it all this year with the latest instalment of FIFA. No doubt we’ll see our fair share of apparent franchise improvements at the big E3 event but will they actually listen to the fans? We moan and we rage all year and then moan and rage about the exact same things the next year – and let’s be honest this is so damn boring.

I’ve come up with a mountain full of things which I believe will make FIFA fun for the fans once again – like it’s supposed to be. I’m sure some of you will love FIFA 13 already and think only minor updates are needed for FIFA 14 so of course I encourage anyone who reads this to debate their points in the comments section below. That way we might find even more things for EA to improve upon!

So, here it is, 14 Ways FIFA 14 Can Improve on FIFA 13!

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This article was first posted on May 23, 2013