Fifa 14 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team has become more popular than ever with this year’s Fifa, probably thanks to its prominence on the Main Menu.

Barring major pack luck, the average person isn’t ever going to own a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Lionel Messi in Ultimate Team, but that’s okay. There’s a plethora of players out there that are almost as good and won’t cost you a month’s wages in FIFA Points.

Here’s a small selection of players under 5000 coins on the Transfer Market that you should consider introducing to your next squad.


5. Julian Draxler (Schalke 04)

Julian Draxler

At first glance, Draxler may not seem like an outstanding player. His in-game stats tell a different story though. 85 Long Shots with decent dribbling and control stats make him ideal for a CAM role; he even has decent passing too. His 5 star weak foot is the main highlight though, especially if you’re going to be using him high up the pitch. He’s also much cheaper than his higher overall German counterparts, so consider him if you need quality behind the strikers.

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This article was first posted on October 9, 2013