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Last week, we published an article suggesting FIFA 14, the latest iteration in EA Sport’s long-running football simulation series, could be the best yet.

We also awarded in five stars out of five in our recent review, while critical reception has been positive elsewhere.

However, with a day to go until the European release date, slight doubts have crept up on us as we prepare to purchase our copies tomorrow.

Some reviews haven’t been as positive as others, with critics arguing it’s basically the same game as last year’s title.

And, from the screenshots we have seen so far, along with the playable demo, we’re beginning to get the impression that this may not be the revolutionary FIFA game we had all hoped for.

British tabloid The Mirror perhaps put it best when they said there was a “feeling of evolution rather than revolution when playing.

And here, we take a look at 5 Ways FIFA 14 Could Be A Disappointment.

5. Unlicensed Tournaments

Fifa Champions Cup1

For me, one of the biggest weaknesses in the FIFA series still hasn’t been addressed, and that is unlicensed tournaments.

When it comes to licencing, there’s very little to complain about if you’re a FIFA fan, considering poor ol’ PES users have to put up with a Manchester derby consisting of “Man Blue” and Manchester United, and by the way, who the hell are “Swearcle”?

Due to EA’s financial clout in being able to agree deals with many of European football’s top clubs and stadiums, the FIFA franchise can offer one of the single-most realistic and accurate games on the market today with properly-titled club names.

However, that cannot be said of the Champions League tournament, which PES has a monopoly over.

EA have to call the Champions League the “Champions Cup” in their games, which is something of a bane when you’ve become accustomed to pretty much everything else in the game having its correct and proper title.

Unfortunately, this won’t change in FIFA 14, and that’s why playing career mode will continue to be a disappointing experience when it comes to certain areas.

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This article was first posted on September 26, 2013