With FIFA 14 just around the corner, it’s that agonising time of year again when us football video game addicts can only speculate on a handful of alluring screenshots.

Fans are especially keen to get their hands on the upcoming edition, largely because the famed Career Mode in FIFA 13 was disappointing in crucial areas.

The fundamental purpose of a managerial simulation is to construct and develop a squad over a decade or two in-game time, not a few real-life hours. But FIFA 13 performed like an unfinished product, and a multitude of irritating terminal bugs marred an experience reliant on longevity and dedication.

As a valued customer, you would like to think EA SPORTS will release FIFA 14 glitch-free and capable of ensuring a genuinely enjoyable reproduction of what it’s like to call the shots from the helm of your chosen club.


As suggested by the above screenshot, Career Mode in FIFA 14 will feature less detailed player attribute profiles, forcing you to think twice before splashing out on an unknown player. This ambivalence, coupled with an improved career life-span, will lead to greater rewards in terms of scouting and nurturing talent – just like real-life.

However, this new component could be tricky at first, so we’ve picked out 25 Wonderkids Worth Signing to give your Career Mode a head start in the upcoming installment of the FIFA franchise.

Please note: The “FIFA 13 Potential” and position for each player has been sourced from sofifa.com.

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This article was first posted on August 14, 2013