FIFA 14: Goal Celebrations Trailer Released

Watch some of the goal celebrations you are able to perform in upcoming FIFA 14!

Joseph Dempsey


Gareth Bale Fifa

Electronic Arts, the publishers behind FIFA 14, have released a new trailer showcasing goal celebrations players are able to perform in the football simulation game.

Gareth Bale’s trademark heart celebration, Cristiano Ronaldo’s “calm down” gesture, and Lionel Messi’s “point to the sky” all feature in the popular sports title.

Fans can also replicate Daniel Sturridge’s signature jig after scoring from a thunderbolt as Liverpool.

Other celebrations showcased in the trailer include a baffling pat-a-cake dance between Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil, West Ham players doing their best impressions of a chicken, and AC Milan stars performing a bum dance.

The trailer comes complete with an on-screen tutorial as to which button combinations need to be pressed in order to trigger each of the celebrations.

One of the best parts of celebrating a goal is taunting your opponent, and it looks as though that will be a lot easier to do in FIFA 14.

But of course, you have to score first, and EA have revamped the way shooting and heading the ball works with a new “pure shot” mechanic, making the game more realistic than ever before.

FIFA 14 will be released on September 24/27 in America/Europe for current and next gen platforms PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.