FIFA 14 Prediction: The Invincible XI

With only one last harrowing week of patience required before FIFA 14 hits shelves on September 24th, we’ve reached the…

Luke Karlik


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With only one last harrowing week of patience required before FIFA 14 hits shelves on September 24th, we’ve reached the stage of the year when the current game is mercilessly picked to pieces and ridiculed for its inadequacy in the shadow of its refined successor.

You’ve watched trailer after trailer to feed your lust for the new features, updated squads and revolutionary gameplay awaiting in FIFA 14, and it gets you thinking – who am I going to include in my best XI? Which players are going to give me the best chance of victory in all game modes?

We’ve been pondering the exact same thing. So, using the stats database available at, we’re going to share who we think deserves a place in the FIFA 14: Invincible XI. This topic is sure to attract debate, so don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments section below…



GK: Iker Casillas (86 Overall)


Once again ranked among the very best of his kind in FIFA, Iker Casillas sneaks ahead of his peers in Manuel Neuer and Gianluigi Buffon thanks to his superiority in key attributes.

Key Stats

Reflexes: 90

The Real Madrid custodian boasts the joint-highest (with Valencia’s Diego Alves) reflexes of all goalkeepers in FIFA 14 – arguably the foundation of his proficiency between the sticks. Coupled with his cat-like reactions, Casillas’ mobility adds a vital dimension to his game.

Standing at 6’0″ – notably less than other top-class ‘keepers – his height is often inaccurately perceived as a drawback, however in actuality it underpins his triumph over Neuer, Buffon and the like. Casillas’ contextually diminutive size enables him to change direction and rush off his goal-line much quicker than, say, 6’5″ giant Petr Cech.

Diving: 89

The Spaniard’s reflexes would be far less effective if he wasn’t able to reach the top and bottom corners of the net, and that goes for any goalkeeper in the game. Alves and Buffon may narrowly better Casillas in the diving department, but the 32-year-old is notably more consistent across the board compared to the aforementioned pair. And as an added bonus, his remarkable diving also camouflages his lesser reach.

Positioning: 81

This stat is of paramount importance to the overall ability of a ‘keeper as it determines how astutely the CPU moves him into the best position to make a save. Casillas is well behind the level of Buffon and Victor Valdes in this area, but supported by his incredible reflexes and diving, this weaker albeit solid part of his game is made virtually non-problematic.