We all dream of being in your favourite football kit with your friends playing for your favourite club and scoring the winning goal. Well with FIFA Pro Clubs you can do just that without having to go through all the ‘hard word and dedication’ nonsense.

FIFA 13 pro clubs introduced divisions which was a major step from the previous FIFA 13 Pro Clubs which just relied on gaining and losing points. Introducing divisions also added that touch more of realism, as you have to stay on top to become the best team rather than just collecting a couple hundred points for winning a game, which after a while got boring and non-rewarding. Lots of modes were introduced into FIFA 13, but overall gameplay still lets the mode down. EA need to focus on the smaller aspects of the game before introducing these new features as it really is the small issues that let Pro Clubs down. Everyone can agree that the computer opponents are just too clumsy. We all dream about playing for our favourite team, but not with players that fall over the ball, cannot pass, or score. Pro Clubs really can be the best game mode on the game but it needs to make some improvements for sure.

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This article was first posted on September 11, 2013