FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: 7 Best Squad Styles You Need To Know

How to make a team filled with Championship players as good as Real Madrid.

Akin to a child going into a sweet shop and being told they can fill a large sack with all the candy they can carry, sometimes playing the manager, chairman and captain of an Ultimate Team can be an overwhelming task. Will you be an all-or-nothing Brendan Rodgers or a park-the-bus José Mourinho? Will you play the traditional 4-4-2 or congest the midfield like our Spanish rivals? Perhaps most importantly, which type of squad will you commit to in order to maximise chemistry and best suit your playing style? The uninitiated FUT player may think that a squad combining the might of the Bundesliga with the pure technique of La Liga would be unbeatable on Ultimate Team. The thought of Cristiano Ronaldo leaping into the air on the end of a Franck Ribéry cross is the stuff of every FUT-fanatics darkest fantasies. However, from a chemistry point of view this marriage of the two greats would never work. The game is designed such that a squad of lesser silver players all from the Sky Bet Championship can beat a mish-mash group of football€™s biggest names thanks to their superior chemistry. This means when devising a squad on Ultimate Team you have to meticulously think about which players can bring the best out of their team mates. It can be a daunting task nailing your colours to the mast of a squad type on FUT as clearly you don€™t want to have regrets or realise that you and the Bundesliga were never meant to be. Never fear, What Culture is here to help you make the right decision. Here is our comprehensive guide to the sbst FUT squad styles:

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