FIFA 15: 12 Broken Things EA Sports Must Fix

How EA Sports can make the Beautiful Game even better.

It might seem crazy to suggest that another gaming season has come to an end so prematurely especially with the release of FIFA: World Cup 2014 just a few short weeks ago but with gamings biggest convention, E3, just around the corner, it's only a matter of time before all eyes turn to the next iteration of the next game in the franchise. In years past, even as FIFA began to pull away from PES, every FIFA fan seemed to share the same singular vision when supplying yearly feedback to EA Sports: FIFA 09 was too fast; FIFA 11 had robotic defending, and even FIFA 12 - the pinnacle of the series - had some glaring issues. It's clear that despite the quality, each year still saw new issues and problems. Like it or not, FIFA 14 was merely a beta for what will be the true next gen title in the franchise but now with the next gen transition almost seven months in, the landscape has changed. EA Sports have never been under as much pressure to deliver and eager fans won't be as tolerant of new engine bugs and glitches in the coming year. In order for FIFA 15 to be a resounding success, all issues past and present need to be ironed out come launch day. This must be the year FIFA buries PES once and for all with the new generation offering the pretenders to the crown an opportunity to steal ground. There's every possibility that PES will be next season's Liverpool, and FIFA this season's Manchester United, and EA Sports must address past issues to ensure that doesn't happen...

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