FIFA 18: 10 Fan Demands EA Sports Must Include

Can we see the back of those unstoppable scripted CPU goals, EA?

FIFA 18 Ronaldo
EA Sports

EA have announced none other than Cristiano Ronaldo as the cover star for FIFA 18. That's great, but there are one million and one other things the developers must also sort (beyond box art appeal) if 18 is going to be that killer experience every video gaming footy fan hopes it will be.

FIFA has always been a tightly scripted sort of game, the kind that favours dramatic last-minute wonder goals over dull 0-0 draws. The problem with that is football can sometimes be drab, but EA forego realism for writing matches between the likes of Scunthorpe and Hull as akin to Champions League finals.

That just won't do, because EA need to get real and consider the more measured approach to football. Whilst they're at it, having a quick look at referees, player customisation and fleshing out one of the game's most cherished modes wouldn't go amiss either...

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