FIFA 18: 5 New Career Mode Additions You Need To Know

1. New Signings Will Be Unveiled To The Media

FIFA 18 Career Mode
The Sun/EA Sports

This is an area FIFA has been lagging behind PES in for years. Konami have those little celebratory cut scenes down to a fine art these days, so it's been a tad annoying to watch EA neglect the more showy side of football. That's all set to change in FIFA 18, and it's about bloody time.

In a Facebook video posted by The Sun, Monaco hitman Kylian Mbappé could be seen proudly showing off his new Man City top. Similarly, Ajax striker Kasper Dolberg brandished an Everton strip in a new 'Breaking News' media announcement. This is a nifty new addition showing how EA are tackling the importance of PR and football marketing in-game.

Wouldn't it be cool to see FIFA 18 take things a little further by having the shirt sales of individual players reflected somewhere in the menus too? That's all fantasy for now, but 18 will show star signings being unveiled to the press. All of these little cut scenes go a long way towards immersing players in the game.

Are you excited for FIFA 18's career mode changes? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section below!

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