FIFA 18: 5 Things We Learned From The Leaked Demo Ratings

CR7 and company are the best, but how do the Premier League's big hitters rank?

FIFA 18 Eden Hazard
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That September 29 release date can't come soon enough, can it? FIFA 18 is just a few short weeks away from hitting shelves, and we already know that Real Madrid supremo Cristiano Ronaldo will be the game's cover star this year. He'll probably also be the best player in the game, but will Madrid be the best team?

Before the much-anticipated FIFA 18 demo hits PSN and Xbox Live on September 15, Twitter user Lucas Pezzatti (who claims to be a "gamer and programmer" in his bio) has lifted the lid on some of the overall team ratings we can expect to see. Presumably, Pezzatti has some kind of beta version of the demo code. Lucky him.

These ratings reveal a few glaring facts about how FIFA will play this year. Of course, even if these do come from the demo version of the game, there's every chance EA may have tweaked them before shipping off the final retail code for distribution.

Let's just say that Man Utd fans won't be happy at what they find...

5. Chelsea's Attack Is Still The Best In England


The ongoing stand off between Diego Costa and Blues boss Antonio Conte looks set to continue into the new year. Despite not playing for Chelsea thus far this season and being omitted from the team's Champions League squad, Costa is still technically a Chelsea player. That means he'll likely be included in the squad come FIFA 18.

Surely that has some bearing on the 85 rating the London club have in attack, because fellow forwards Álvaro Morata and Michy Batshuayi alone surely don't top the likes of Manchester City (who have the excellent Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus in their ranks). No, Costa must be crucial to that rating, helping to bump up the talented Morata.

Last year, Costa had an 85 rating and Morata held an 82. By comparison, Batshuayi was a surprising 81. Combine all of those high ratings and that's likely why Chelsea have the best attack in the Premier League this year. Aguero's 89 rating isn't enough to topple Chelsea going forward, it seems.

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