FIFA 19: 6 Rumours You Need To Know About

EA might be about to use Netflix as inspiration...

Fifa 19
EA Sports

Trawl any number of gaming forums online, find a FIFA-related thread and you're likely to spot comments from long time series fans claiming they won't pick up the latest title until it's in the sales. Probe further and you'll learn that these gamers dislike the 'annual update' feel of EA's footy franchise, because they don't think it offers enough significant improvement year-on-year.

Those arguments could be about to become moot.

Rumours are circulating about FIFA 19 faster than some Neymar transfer talk, and it looks like EA are pondering radical changes that will alter their long-running series forever. How much of this gossip becomes reality remains to be seen, but it could make 19 the most intriguing FIFA release in years.

Whether these rumours end up coming to fruition or not, you need to know about them. The way you play FIFA may well be about to shift for good. There's a revolution incoming...

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