FIFA 19 Early Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Want To See

2. Smaller Clubs Evolving In Career Mode

EA Sports

Part of the fun in Career Mode is taking a team from the depths of English football to Premier League and European glory. Building a club from obscurity to prosperity is satisfying, but it could do with a little help from EA. When you've won the top title with Portsmouth for the third year running, Fratton Park suddenly seems a bit small.

If Pompey had the riches of Premier League and Champions League success, they'd move out of the quaint little ground with it's Tutor facade and into a much bigger stadium. Obviously, this is complete fantasy and hard to put into a game obsessed with recreating the current football season. It's a tantalising prospect, however.

When news items flash up that a small team are about to receive significant financial investment in FIFA 18, nothing really changes. They might sign a good player here and there, but they won't bother the big boys or grow in the long run.

Make our rags-to-riches storylines a reality, EA. Go on, please.


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