FIFA 19 Early Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Want To See

1. Community Creation Uploads

EA Sports

Gamers who also enjoy pro wrestling are currently feasting on the delights of WWE 2K18's Community Creations tab. In there, it's possible to download new outfits, arenas, title belts, wrestlers and more, all created by people who love wrestling just as much as you. Wouldn't that be awesome in FIFA?

Picture it: you buy FIFA 19, sit down to play it, wonder what it would be like to put the England team of 1998 up against the current crop, log onto Community Creations, download them and make it happen within minutes. That's what modern gaming is all about; customisation is king, and the FIFA series needs a lot more of it.

The ability to download old kits, classic stadiums, legendary players and more would be the most stimulating addition to EA's franchise in years. Of course, they'd also need to add in a stadium creation suite, but we can dream. They need an excuse to do that anyway.

What else do you want to see in FIFA 19? Let us know your wish list down in the comments section below!

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