FIFA 19 Early Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Want To See

9. Revamped On-The-Fly Tactics

EA Sports

FIFA 18 allows for the same old on-the-fly tweaks as before. Players can decide to play keep ball, go on the counter attack, park the bus or go all out for that match-winner. It's good, but EA should look at ways they can make tactics matter more mid-match. Quick subs are only the beginning.

Being able to pull up a quick menu when the ball is out of play and alter formations, how high your defensive line sits and other variables would really help the gameplay. Currently, aside from those aforementioned presets, you can't truly switch tactics without hitting pause. If EA are serious about keeping fans in the thick of the action, they'll change that.

Nobody is expecting Football Manager's level of tactical nouse, but a few more options wouldn't go a miss. The impact of tactical change is rarely felt in FIFA, thus rendering any lofty ideas to sit back and hit on the break meaningless. Sort it out, EA.


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