FIFA Ultimate Team: 8 Most Insane Pack Opening Reactions

Some of the most hilarious, intense reaction videos you’re ever likely to encounter on Youtube.

Jopj FIFA Ultimate Team has for years been a game mode which has consumed a vast amount of time from FIFA players the world over. The concept of amassing an elite squad of the planet€™s greatest players to compete against someone else€™s vision of the perfect football team is a highly attractive one. To build this team of superstars and access the game€™s best players it is necessary to open packs. Whether you€™re hunting for a €˜Team of the Year€™ (TOTY) Lionel Messi or just a decent English striker to complete your Premier League-build, the buying and opening of packs can be one of the most entertaining aspects of the super-addictive game mode. You could open a basic pack worth 5,000-gold and come away with a player worth 500-times that amount. Unlocking rare players means so much to many FIFA-heads that they will invest real money to open the more expensive packs giving them a greater chance of seeing those much-coveted blue TOTY players. Baring all this in mind it should perhaps be unsurprising that people took to filming reaction videos of pack-openings for youtube in the style of an unboxing vid, hoping to let the world see their reactions to opening a highly sought after player. We must give thanks to the pioneer who started this trend for they have inspired some of the most hilarious, intense reaction videos you€™re ever likely to encounter on youtube. Here are the 8 most insane:

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