Football Manager 2013: 10 Criminally Over-Rated Premier League Players

SI Games, the makers of the Football Manager series are famed for having an extensive network of scouts and researchers who report back to HQ about what stats different players should have. Understandably it's an important, nay crucial part of the game as without realism you can't get lost experience you're going through. This article's aim is to highlight those players in England's top flight who seem to have been given a few points more than they should have done in certain areas. I'll be looking in depth at all the teams, and this article is based on the demo that was released on the 26th of October. So here we go...

1. Olivier Giroud (Arsenal)

Poor old Olivier hasn't had the best of luck since joining Arsenal in the summer for £12 million. To date he's scored just once in eight appearances and looks like he could be going the same way as Chamakh (just eight goals in forty games for Arsenal). Yet in FM Giroud is blessed with finishing (17), heading (18) and off the ball (16), for me that's too high. Even before his move to the Gunners he only managed 33 goals in 70+ appearances, and for the team that went on to win Ligue 1! In-game for me he's banging the goals in (6 goals in 10 games) which I'm not complaining about, if only he could be doing that in real life...

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