Football Manager 2015 Tips: 10 Ways To Guarantee World Domination

Be a legend in your own living room.

Fm Tips Football Manager 2015 has now been out for a couple of weeks, and while some reviews have criticised the game's reinvention and the broken bits that make playing a frustrating experience, any criticism is only in parallel to SI's usually exceptional standards. It remains the best management sim on the market, vast in scope and detail and as irresistible as ever, despite the frowns. Veterans of the series will already have drawn up maps of who to sign, where to scout and how to win big, and will have their tactics plotted out for every eventuality, on the road to Champions League glory. Well, veterans who are any good at the game anyway. For some, no matter how many games you play; no matter how many hours you plough in to chasing your simulated dreams, you will still get sacked, you will still p*ss off every member of your squad, and you will still lose more than you win. For you, there should be tips - a master plan to beat the game at its own tricks. And now that there are more bells and whistles on the game, those tips need to be specific to Football Manager 2015...
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