Football Manager 2018: 20 Wonderkids You Will Need To Sign

Seeking the next Tonton Zola Moukoko? Then look no further...

Getty Images/SI Games

Unearthing, acquiring, and developing the next generation of world-beaters is near the top of every player's hitlist whenever a new incarnation of Football Manager hits the shelves. In a game that rewards dedication, few things are more exciting than seeing a raw youngster reach greatness, no matter what level you're playing at.

Wonderkids are the game's essence, and the key to long-term Football Manager success. Getting hold of the world's hottest starlets isn't easy, however, as selling clubs will often quote tens of millions of pounds for teenagers with mediocre attributes. Despite this, the hefty outlay is often worth it, as that overpriced 17-year-old gradually proves his value to the club, becoming one of his generation's best players in the process.

We're still about five months from FM 2018's release, but dedicated players will already be putting their shortlists together. A number of the game's best youngsters shall carry forward from last year, while others will have been complete unknowns in 2017. Either way, let's take a look at the wonderkids managers could be splashing the cash on when FM 2018 does finally see the light of day.

Some will be unattainable to those on smaller budgets, but each should prove to be a wise long-term investment...


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