For Honor: 10 New Factions That Must Be Added

How can you have a game about warriors and not include the Spartans?

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Whilst For Honor took the internet by storm upon release, a lot of people immediately turned their eyes towards the future of the franchise. Speculation upon new classes, game modes, and story DLC was rife through a multitude of forums, but the most interesting point of speculation could be the most game-changing: entire new factions.

The developers remained noticeably ambiguous when referring to the prospect, saying that it is an option that they may indeed go with. And while the standard three factions are entertaining enough, we can’t help but consider what path the developers may go when deciding on future factions.

With the entirety of history to delve through and a few suggestions that would be pretty ballsy to pull off, here are ten of our top picks for factions that must be added to For Honor.


10. Polynesian Warriors

mark of kri

Perhaps a long shot, but drawing from the Polynesian islands to create a faction would be insane. The hulking brutes wielding wooden weaponry lined with sharpened teeth could be excellent if handled correctly. There is an entire arsenal of weapons to choose from including clubs, spears, knives, small daggers and all of them with a unique toothy aesthetic.

There could even be warriors from different islands representing the different classes. Countries like Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand and Fiji could fill entire factions themselves with the number of diverse warriors they have. The armour and weaponry have endless customisation options and it would take no effort to scrounge up colour patterns and tattoos considering the island's traditional inked appearance.

With a need for more diversity in the factions and classes, the Polynesian warriors could easily fill that space, adding a completely new style of combat. Not to mention the fact that there is a desperate lack of Polynesian inspired warriors in gaming and this is the perfect opportunity to change that.

And you can't say that you don’t want to play as Maori warrior! You could have the Hakka as an emote!

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