Get Hyped: Grand Theft Auto 6 Is In Production

Now all we need is a setting...

Grand Theft Auto 6

It looks like Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally in production (at least according to one of the actors who is working on it).

The resume (or CV, if you're English and still love Latin) of motion capture actor and model Tim Neff includes the game (as well as Red Dead Redemption 2). The sometimes stuntman - who is listed as a Stunts performer for both games - has previously worked on Dunkirk and Gotham and is set to appear in a minor role in Seth McFarlane's Star Trek parody The Orville.

According to IGN, the reume listing was posted by NeoGAF user ‘chadskin’ who noticed the addition on Neff’s profiles on Resumes Breakdown Express and Presumably, RockStar will be delighted he's posted them on there...


While this doesn't give us a concrete indication of any release date, motion capture work is typically completed down the production line, so it wouldn't be entirely surprising if an announcement was on the way.

As ever, the developers will presumably stay as tight-lipped as they can until they're ready to announce the inevitable game on their own terms. And hopefully that'll mean they can hurry up and concentrate on making some more of the ’45 years worth of ideas' president Leslie Benzies says they want to do with the property.

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