God Of War: 7 Optional Bosses & Challenges You Must Find

It's not over until it's over.

God Of War Traveller

As one of the most accomplished and downright playable games in recent memory, every step of God of War is designed to propel you forward; always seeking out the next challenge; the next quest; the next story beat.

It'll take you from Kratos' humble family shack all the way to the top of various mountains and back again, the entire journey being comprised of a father-son bond and a LOT of deliciously satisfying axe cleaving.

Brilliantly, even when you finally reach the credits, it's not the end.

Sony Santa Monica have essentially created a hybridised "linear open world" game - one that includes a central hub of side areas and environments to explore, but maintains a story if you just want to go quest by quest. The result is the perfect way to experience a momentous and memorable series of authored events from front to back, but you've likely left some of the best secrets tucked away for later.

From optional bosses to combat dungeons, brutally hard challenge trials and NPCs that'll take practice to defeat, God of War only really gets going, once you finish it.

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