God Of War PS4: 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Let's get the most out of this magnificent game.

Kratos God Of War

In a glorious blur of axe swings and haymakers, God of War has firmly established itself as one of the best PS4 exclusives so far. This reboot from the same developers of the original trilogy has a refined maturity; a sense that a passionate group of individuals who themselves created a monolithic, iconic character now have new things to say about his place in the world.

As such, this older Kratos is trying to settle down - this time in Norse mythology - with a wife and child, only for the former to pass away and the latter to become entirely dependant on him. What follows is an unbelievably proficient 20+ hour ride of action, emotion, brilliantly-written characters and more than a few comments on video game violence.

Chances are you'll be picking God of War up just off sheer impulse. Its marketing has been sublime; a perfect blend of tantalising scenes involving Kratos reconciling his past with a new life of secrets and solitude, plus son Atreus being the right level of inquisitive, peppy and loveable.

Together they form one of the most loveable duos since Joel and Ellie; an 'opposites attract' blend of battle-hardened warrior and young, naive explorer. Atreus' knowledge and Kratos' axe skills will get you pretty far across Midgard, but there's plenty more to learn than you might think.

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