God Of War - Ranking Every Game From Worst To Best

3. God Of War Ascension


Ascension may be one of the most overlooked games in the PS3's lifetime.

As the most recently released entry in the series, it could be argued that it has the most advanced combat to date. If only it hadn't lost its focus by going too hard on spectacle.

The thing that sets Ascension apart more than any instalment is the story. Kratos actually shows more than one emotion, which makes it a genuinely interesting experience for fans of the series. It also makes a lot of great additions to the combat and somehow makes the graphics even better than before.

By this point, the God of War formula had gotten a little stale, and that's made pretty clear by how many people decided to skip Ascension. Doing so is definitely a mistake, but it's understandable why this isn't many peoples' favourite game in the series.

Oh, and for some reason it had multiplayer, which was pretty good, if not completely forgettable.

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