A few hours after we posted our Grand Theft Auto 5 FAQ piece and it’s pretty obvious that the main question on everybody’s mind at this stage regarding the newest edition to Rockstar’s signature franchise is just what city will the sandbox game be housed in? It is the big question on everyone’s lips, for some the most important question as to how excited they will be over the new release, so we have created this poll below to see which city will be the most popular.

Of course we should find out for ourselves in just over 24 hours when the trailer countdown clock ends as to what city will be used but for now, our hopes and dreams could still come true and theoretically (even though it won’t) London might still be an option. You gotta feel like someday in the future they will go with GTA: London but probably not right now.

The smart money seems to be on LA, but where do you want Grand Theft Auto 5 to be set? Vote away below…

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This article was first posted on November 1, 2011