Grand Theft Auto V: Clothing And Accessories

Clothing and accessories play a vital role in the personality of a character. It plays a great part in determining…




Clothing and accessories play a vital role in the personality of a character. It plays a great part in determining a character’s personality and also what background they’re from – whether they’re upper class or lower down the social scale. In the Grand Theft Auto games, Rockstar have always focused on clothing – something they first made an effort to include 11 years ago. When Grand Theft Auto: III was released for the PC, users had the option to switch between two outfits in the game.

Since then, things have changed a lot. Just two years after the release of Grand Theft Auto: III, we got, what’s now known as the legendary Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Players were able to select not only what CJ wore but other things too – such as tattoos and hairstyles. This much loved character customization ability was later reduced significantly in future Grand Theft Auto games. Just take Grand Theft Auto: IV for example, you weren’t able to hit the gym, own property, change your hairstyle or even add a tattoo! The question you’re all asking now, is probably, will the GTA: San Andreas level of customization return to Grand Theft Auto: V?

GTA V: Clothing and Accessories

The answer is yes, of course, but at the same time, well…  no. And here’s why: reports claim that Dan Houser – Vice President of Rockstar Games –  has said in an interview:

“The main thing is at a technical level to get changing scale of the character – to get them bigger and smaller – is hard, and in San Andreas the standard definition graphics were more forgiving. Doing that with three different characters – we definitely thought about it but decided it was impossible. We just weren’t going to get the results we want with the way the rest of the animation system works. It was just not worth making compromises elsewhere.”

Though it could be said that this was a bit of a let down, Rockstar have shown these activities off in their trailers and screenshots. What I like to ask myself is: will we have to wear the right clothing for right activities?

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