GTA 6: 10 Best Leaks & Rumours We Want To Come True

10. A Drug-Runner Story Across Two Cities Including South America

GTA drug running

First up from the most recent leak is the idea of GTA VI featuring more than one major geographical region. Apparently GTA 6's codename in development is "Project Americas", lending further weight to this tiny - yet incredibly cool - idea.

Basically, it seems we'll be travelling to South America - which lines up perfectly with many other rumours circling the idea of Rockstar expanding many past GTA's drug-trading and drug smuggling mechanics.

GTA V drugs

First seen in GTA: Chinatown Wars - where it formed a huge part of gameplay and was key to amassing sizeable funds for better gear - GTA Online also lets you make shedloads of cash by trading a variety of narcotics.

Many players have become bonafide digital kingpins, and it makes sense - with the cultural impact of shows like Breaking Bad and Narcos - that Rockstar would expand the franchise's reach to tap into similar themes.

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