GTA 6: 10 Killer Features That Would Make It Great

10. Traversing The Globe

GTA 5 London Mod

Rockstar have been to London before, but that was back in the old PSOne days. GTA fanatics have been yearning to see the series return to the UK's capital since the franchise went 3D in 2001, and GTA 6 represents Rockstar's best chance yet to make that happen.

Hell, they don't need to stop at recreating areas from Shepherd's Bush to Stratford either. A merry jaunt around other famous locales is long overdue.

Being able to galavant around the globe in GTA 6 sounds like the kind of things digital dreams are made of. Fast-travelling from the US to the UK, possibly stopping off in mainland Europe before reaching London all sounds tantalising, and we want to see it.

Even if digitising Buckingham Palace doesn't appeal to you, Rockstar, it might be wise to think about expanding GTA's lore into countries other than America and letting players experience them first hand, rather than through cut-scene dialogue.

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