GTA 6: 6 Brand New Leaked Details You Need To Know About

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There's no video game franchise on the planet quite like Grand Theft Auto.

For proof of that, consider the fact GTA 5 has been out for close to five years and yet remains a constant fixture in the disc trays of consoles worldwide. That's incredible; in an era when games have a more limited shelf life than ever (the world moves fast, and so does the gaming industry), people are still whizzing around San Andreas causing chaos with Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

All of this hasn't stopped everyone from playing detective when it comes to the next instalment. In fact, it encourages rumours and speculation. However, Youtuber's The Know claim to have the latest scoop on Rockstar's next slice of crime action, having talked to an "inside source" that's now confirmed a number of pivotal details about what will eventually become GTA 6.

Hold onto your hats, because this is all pretty exciting. A beloved location is on the comeback trail, there'll be some groundbreaking pieces of characterisation and we even have a tentative release date.

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