GTA 6: 6 Brand New Leaked Details You Need To Know About

6. Vice City Is Happening


One of the biggest pieces of news in The Know's report was that Rockstar are ready to make a grand return to perhaps the most beloved city in GTA history. No, it's not Liberty and no, it's not even San Andreas.

It's the pastel-suit and Hawaiian-shirt covered streets of sunny Vice City.

There are no details yet on which time period GTA 6 will take place in, so don't get too excited about running around the mid-80s listening to Judas Priest and Cutting Crew just yet. There's a slight chance Rockstar will remodel Vice and focus on modern-day instead of producing another love letter to fans of Scarface.

It's amazing to know that Vice City is on the comeback trail though. Will Tommy Vercetti be back on the map for more criminal empire shenanigans? Have Rockstar demolished iconic locations like the mansion on Starfish Island or the Malibu Club to make room for new buildings?

Only time will tell. Start looking out your pastel shirts.

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