GTA V: 10 Actor Cameos We Want To See

If I asked you which 10 actors you’d most like to see in a cameo role in GTA V I’m…



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If I asked you which 10 actors you’d most like to see in a cameo role in GTA V I’m pretty sure you’d find that an easy question to answer. Especially if allowed to sit down, chill, and have a beer or three. Now try the same question with a friend, but write your lists out before discussing. I’d bet my freshest three dollar note to your shiniest 75 cent coin that none of us would agree. The funny thing is though; neither of us would be wrong!

There’s just so many great actors out there who would be a fantastic addition to the game, the challenge isn’t finding finding 10 actors that would fit into the game like a shrink-washed glove on Matthew Kelly’s hand, it’s excluding the other 10,000 who would also deserve a place in what is probably going to be the greatest game this generation. So to add some spice to this list I have made certain exclusions, the first being the actors have to be alive and currently working, I am also excluding those who have famously appeared in the same films together. This was incredibly hard, but unless this list is prepared to also represent ’10 favourite actors from Tarentino/Capella Films’, I had to draw a line somewhere.

I’m also going to court controversy by excluding the most obvious choices. Bye bye DeNiro, ciao Pacino. No-one disputes your place, and that’s kinda the point. I expect more from my readers than ‘yeah, I ‘spose so’, I want them to be challenged and fed with chewy hard gristle instead of pate foie gras. I have however, also included some actors that probably wouldn’t immediately spring to mind, but upon seeing them my fellow GTA fans will be nodding to themselves and begrudgingly giving their respect while thinking ‘I didn’t think of them, but by Jove he’s right!’