Sometime in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V, the next chapter in Rockstar’s long running sandbox crime simulator, will be released. The latest instalment is shaping up to be the biggest homage to all things GTA, with familiar features including the return of aviation, the backdrop of San Andreas and much more – but there are still many other recurring features that have or have not been included.

Though it’s still too soon to tell, we can still speculate on which of our favourite features from GTA will make the cut. Here is a list of 10 famous features that should be included in GTA V…



10. Rampage Missions

Any true fan of GTA would know about these postal-styled side missions that made their debut in the first game as “Frenzy Missions”. Rampage Missions challenged players to cause a certain amount of mayhem before a timer ran out.

For example, one mission in Vice City tasked you with mowing down a number of gang members with a chain-gun in broad daylight. Now, who could forget that one? Or how about the two-player co-op Rampage Missions introduced in San Andreas? Unfortunately, the coming of GTA IV marked the departure of Rampage Missions. Hopefully, Rockstar will bring them back in GTA V.

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This article was first posted on January 30, 2013