Grand Theft Auto V, fifteenth game GTA in the series – much anticipated, much speculated and much debated – is definitely arriving in the hands of gamers this year. It’s a series that is drenched in detail, controversy, and which comes with fond memories for most fans, and it is sure to push current generation consoles to the very limit of their capabilities.

At this stage very few details of the game are set in stone, the most revealing news being from the Game Informer article, so speculation is gathered from Rockstar’s flawless screenshots and  action packed (two) stunning trailers. Hopefully the below points should summarise some of the features that I am at least 90% sure the game will contain.

10. Golf

GTA V Golf

A golf course with people playing appears in the first trailer, and Vice City of the standard definition era featured a system of islands known as the Leaf Links golf course. Grand Theft Auto Vice City didn’t have a true use for this course and it was seemingly just an aesthetic inclusion part from the odd health, armour, weapon or Tiki pickup.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories returned to the Vice City and Leaf Links now featured a golf mini game (albeit a small one) at the driving range, and in addition, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas’ Las Venturas and San Fierro also featured unplayable golf courses. This all comes back to most fans’ belief that Rockstar listen to them, and that the developer take what fans want into account, and it seems GTA V might be  the time for golf.

So after fourteen games, three with golf courses, it seems Rockstar are rewarding long-time fans and hard-core gamers with a golf mini game with full mechanics of a AAA golf game. And we can’t wait.

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This article was first posted on January 21, 2013