GTA V: 10 Mini-Games We Can't Wait to Play

With the hype of the latest GTA upcoming release reaching a new all time high in the past few weeks, I brought you news regarding 10 awesome vehicles you'll definitely be able to drive. This time, we're moving away from flash cars, motorbikes and super jets, and are having a look at the mini-games you'll be able to play in the latest instalment of Grand Theft Auto. In addition to a well structured storyline, ground breaking graphics and controversial content, the GTA series has always provided us with large amounts of mini-games our protagonist could engage in, in addition to the main game itself. Who could forget the Lowrider Challenge in San Andreas, or CJ's awful dance moves in the Rhythm Based dance game? We've been blessed with numerous mini-games in past Grand Theft Auto titles, and the next edition will soon follow suit. Here are a list of mini-games, some confirmed, other based on speculation, that may or may not appear in the upcoming GTA V.

10. Golf

We've seen through trailers and screenshots that golfing has crept up on more than one occasion. This is the signal of intent that Rockstar has developed and implemented a full fledged golf game incorporated in the Grand Theft Auto world. It seems that players will be able to partake in full golf games throughout the game, and one can only assume that this mini-game will be extended to the online multiplayer mode. With the map reportedly four times the size of GTA IV, it would be assumed that there would be more than one golf course in the entire game. As well as being a mini game, I wouldn't be surprised to see one of our protagonist's 'employers' be stationed here as a main backdrop.

9. Tennis

GTA V Tennis Another sport incorporated in the GTA V marketing spin that we've seen plastered all around the internet is that of tennis. We can see a couple engaging in a game of tennis at the start of the second trailer. It has been confirmed that players will indeed be able to use one of their three protagonists to participate in tennis matches over the course of the game as a separate mini game. Regardless of how successful this implementation is, I can assure you that it could rival some of the dismal tennis games on the market. Who knows, this could even turn out to be one of the best mini games GTA has ever seen.

8. Yoga

A yoga mini-game makes it debut in the GTA franchise. After all - this is California! I'm sure, like you, that I won't know how this will actually pan out. I'm slightly reserved about the inclusion of this, but full marks go to Rockstar for originality and uniqueness. How users will actually control their protagonist in a yoga situation will have to be seen upon release. I already have to question the entertainment factor that will be attached with this element, but like typical GTA, sceptics will often be proven wrong. So stay tuned, this could be one of those surprises we often see in every release.

7. Surfing

GTA Surfing Living in the sunny costal town of Bournemouth, I can tell you that surfing is one of the most exhilarating sports known to man. With this, and the fact that the map will harness numerous beaches, it's enabled the developers to design a mini-game for surfing. Again, through the promotional materials that Rockstar has disclosed thus far, there's been a focus on sun, sea and beaches. It'll be like Keanu Reeves in the 1991 film Point Break (yes - another Keanu Reeves reference). If surfing will be a mini game, then there is every chance that surfing will be a form of transportation from point A to point B via the water. If true, then this will mark a significant moment for the expansion of water transportation.

6. Repossession

Over the past few releases of Grand Theft Auto, we've had to endure the dating mini-games, whereby players would see CJ/Niko being abused both verbally and physically after deciding that the best place to take your "girlfriend" on a date is to a strip club. Well, Rockstar has scrapped this and returned to its roots, that is of car-jacking and police dodging. The repossession mini-game makes a return in this upcoming release, whereby players will be paid for specific cars hijacked. With the inclusion of new vehicles such as the 9F, it could be the best repossession game ever witnessed in the GTA franchise.

5. Triathlon


On the face of it, this looks like it should be on the London 2012 video game, not Grand Theft Auto. Nevertheless, the guys at Rockstar have confirmed that players will be able to participate in triathlons. Already, we can see the progress from Vice City, whereby Tommy Vercetti would turn into a submerged mannequin once he had hit the water. Now that the guys at Rockstar recognise that humans can actually float, let alone swim, they're showcasing the developments by embedding them in a triathlon. The latest screenshots released by Rockstar depicts a diver being stalked by some sort of shark. If and when the two mix, it could prove to be a feisty affair, with a high level of comedic effect.

4. Rock Climbing

In addition to yoga, surfing and tennis, rock climbing is another mini game that could make its debut in the next edition of Grand Theft Auto. It's no secret that the huge map will consist of a variety of rural, urban and agricultural landscapes. It's therefore inferred that a large portion will be dedicated to mountain-tops and hillsides, similar to that of San Andreas. It's rumoured that Rockstar has developed a new rock-climbing game. How many times have we become frustrated at the fact that we want to reach a mountain top, but struggled to find a route to the top? It's now speculated that players will be able to climb to the top. Pretty rad. We also got this snapshot from the trailer to support the idea and to fuel that rumour. We'll have to wait and see about this one before it's confirmed.

3. Jet Skiing

GTA Jetski I touched on this in my last article about the developments in the types of water transports, and the inclusion of jet-skis. Like street racing, players can now engage in a variety of water sport racing, including jet ski racing. This, like many others, this is its first ever inclusion in any of the GTA titles, and something we can all look forward to. The coast is said to be expanded out further than ever before, and with quick, efficient modes of transport, it could prove to be a popular hit.

2. Base Jumping

This is a personal favourite of mine. Base jumping itself sounds pretty epic in its own right. We're all familiar with this concept, as for me, it was a highlight of San Andreas. It makes its return in the latest instalment which is unsurprising after the announcement that aircrafts too will be making their return. The two go hand in hand, but what will make this more of an improvement is that more achievements will be available to unlock over the course of the game. So, all that twisting and turning you've practised in mid-air in GTA: SA won't go to waste.

1. Bank Robbery

GTA Bank Robbery At numero uno is the prospect of partaking in bank robberies. It has been reported that players will be able to carry out bank robberies as side missions, effectively as a mini game. They days of Vice City where you point a gun as a cashier and see money spawn next to you seems to have gone, and Rockstar have developed robberies further by allowing users to participate in vault coups and more. The full extent of bank robberies remains to be seen, however it could potentially be the best mini game we've witnessed on a GTA title. So, there we have it, 10 mini games we could potentially play in the next instalment of GTA. It's fair to say that these mini games are definitely an expansion and improvement from the previous games in the series. Stay tuned for more news and views regarding the upcoming release of GTA V, and don't forget to follow me on twitter via @NeikoGarcia.
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