Since the very first announcement of Grand Theft Auto V just over a year ago, fans and internet trolls have gone to great work with outlandish conspiracy theories and rumour mongering to gain attention and try influencing Rockstar’s developmental process.

Almost all of these theories and rumours have been touched upon in some way – whether being shot down by Rockstar themselves, or confirmed or disproved by companies like GameInformer or IGN that actually got their hands on the newest GTA addition.

Here are just some of those rumours that were proven so wrong that those mongers are probably in recluse just to avoid criticism for ridiculous claims.

10. Autumn/Winter 2012 Release Date

Perhaps the most far-fetched and obviously wrong rumour out there was the “Autumn/Winter 2012 Release Date” rumour.

First off, we’re quickly approaching winter and we still don’t have anything confirmed for a release date beyond “Spring 2013.” That being said, there were several other clear signs that suggested fans would not be getting a 2012 release.

Rockstar did not attend E3 this year – despite some images of their logo appearing on conference room walls. They were busy at work in their Scotland studio putting together a game that wasn’t ready to be announced for release. Even when Take-Two attended Gamescom, they did not exhibit anything in promotion of GTA V.

Now, several months into the serious promotional stage of Rockstar’s upcoming release, gamers around the globe are awaiting a more specific announcement from the developers that can give us a better grasp of what “Spring 2013″ actually means.

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This article was first posted on November 29, 2012