You can’t have failed to notice Grand Theft Auto V is close. In just a few short months we’ll all be away from the computer and glued to the television screen absorbing Rockstar’s latest instalment in the series that still rules open world gaming. Changing what didn’t work with it’s predecessor (driving, friends) and refining what did (everything else), it is without a doubt the most anticipated game of the year.

The series has grown from traditional PC roots to be a brand synonymous with quality gaming, brushing away controversy like a Tank knocks away anything in it’s path. Each game has been a step up, adding new concepts and creating more and more detailed, living worlds. It now stands at the point where even a logo reveal or a single still can having the most passive fans salivating.

But in the slow drip feed of trailers and information as the game crawls towards release, we can’t help but remain minorly sceptical. Far from expecting a bad game, we fear that some of the hype might be slightly misplaced. GTA V will still be good, but a lot of what we’ve heard from developers Rockstar leads us to believe it won’t match or beat their incredibly high bar.

Here’s ten reasons why we’re more than a little skeptical about GTA V’s masterpiece status. Some look at how the game could pose a disappointment for fans and others at how it could spell sadness for Rockstar, but all have us worried.

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This article was first posted on June 18, 2013