GTA V is an awesome game. If the Xbox 360 and PS3 needed one final game to go out with a bang, then there is none better than GTA V, but for all its awesomeness, as with anything, there is always room for improvement. Let’s not forget that GTA V was originally due to come out in Spring 2013, yet at the last minute, it was pushed back to September 2013.

The reason given was that the delay wasn’t some conspiracy to coincide the game’s release with the launch of the next generation consoles, but rather that Rockstar needed more time to make GTA V the best it can be.

Nothing wrong with that, and in fact, if more companies were prepared to delay their release in order to give the gaming public a better game, then there might be less duds *cough* Aliens: Colonial Marines *cough*

So, now we have all had a chance to put GTA V to the test, the consensus being that the game is brilliant. However, there are still a few niggles that could have been polished. Maybe if there was another delay, Rockstar could have made GTA V totally flawless and truly justified the 10/10 scores it received.

Don’t agree? Well, look through the love struck haze, click “Next” and see the 10 things Rockstar could have fixed with another delay…

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This article was first posted on October 2, 2013