Ever since Grand Theft Auto 3, in the very early days of Rockstar’s now-bestselling crime series of games, planes and other types of aviation-based vehicles have been available to us in the open world of the sandbox title. Admittedly, the only plane we could commandeer in GTA: III was the infamous Dodo plane which was nearly impossible to take off in, but it was a start.

Planes would soon become a much more prominent feature in GTA – we had sea planes in Vice City, and helicopters made their debut, too. 2004′s San Andreas was a watershed moment for aviation however, providing us with a whole host of flyable vehicles to use such as commercial jets, stunt planes, fighter jets, spitfires and even a jumbo jet.

It has been nearly nine years now however since planes featured in a Grand Theft Auto title, they were absent from GTA: IV with only helicopters being made available to us, but the good news is, planes are now back with a vengeance in the upcoming GTA: V.

We thought we would take the time out and examine five possibilities for flight exploration in Rockstar’s fervently anticipated sandbox title, and we’re sure that we are just as excited as you are to get back behind the controls of a Hydra jet and create some mayhem.

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This article was first posted on January 22, 2013