Talk of GTA V grows as we inch closer towards the newly announced September release. Everywhere people have been speculating as to what may be, could be, and should be in GTA V. Here we will be taking a look at some features that we know for definite will be in GTA V and some that have been dropped after thoroughly analysing official GTA V interviews, news and trailers.

First up are features which we will be seeing in the game.

5. Cycling


Screenshots have confirmed that cycle bikes will be returning to the series. This one is a road bike, however, with lower-slung handlebars; it’s a vehicle for speed. The BMX hasn’t been spotted yet, but it’s highly likely it’ll be returning from San Andreas.

We’ll also be seeing motorcycles as usual including the all fun Sanchez which is the off-road dirt bike and expect to see a mix off super bikes.

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This article was first posted on February 2, 2013