Remember “Bunch of Tools”, the hardware shop one could visit in GTA: Vice City to purchase handy DIY items? How About “Tooled Up” or “Screw This”?

All three of these hilariously named tool shops sold us items ranging from screwdrivers to hammers. But we wouldn’t purchase these tools to put up a shelf with in our sprawling mansion, oh no. Quite the opposite in fact. We would use these tools to maim and kill our enemies.

“Bunch of Tools” and its other hardware shop variants were removed from the series after Vice City, but we stil had access to a vast array of “melee weapons” in its successor, San Andreas, with the ability to attack people with shovels, pool cues, golf clubs, night sticks and brass knucks.

Since San Andreas, these melee weapons have been criminally neglected in the series. Whilst melee weapons have featured more prominantly in the spin off titles of the GTA franchise, the only melee weapons made available in the most recent main title, that being GTA IV, was the baseball bat and the knife.

Here are five melee weapons we want to see make their way back to a tool shop near you in GTA V.

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This article was first posted on September 20, 2012