Mini-Games within the GTA series have always been hit or miss, with most feeling like hacked on additions rather than solid games themselves. As the release of GTA V approaches, I will be taking a retrospective look at some of the mini-games that should not return when GTA V is released in September.

Some mini-games within the series do have their merits and can be fun to play, but the games I will be discussing will demonstrate why Rockstar should not bring them back. While never expected to be a separate immersive experience for the player, the mini-game should at least hold a player’s attention long enough without terrible controls, abnormal physics or hardware issues ruin the experience.

However, this trend of poor mini-games will hopefully end come the release of GTA V. Gameplay trailers show a number of different activities such as golf, tennis and cycling that have generated much curiosity. While some fans on forums believe these games will be better than their own respective releases, I feel the evolution of these mini-games will extend to online play and actually allow the game to feel more substantial and encourage repeated play, adding longevity and a different gaming experience for the player.

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This article was first posted on August 2, 2013