GTA V: 5 Possibilities For Underwater Exploration

5 possibilities for underwater exploration in GTA V.

Joseph Dempsey



It seems an age since the first ever trailer for Rockstar’s fervently anticipated Grand Theft Auto V was released in November 2011, and for a good long while after that, further information for the title has come few and far between. Fans had to make do with whatever scraps Rockstar threw at them, from new screenshots to another trailer until, last November, the Holy Grail of information was at last delivered. The Motherload.

Game Informer carried an 18-page spread on the title everyone has been waiting for, and since then, a lot has been revealed about GTA V. For example, the terrain will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV combined, and the player will be able to flit between three protagonists, which is a first in the long running franchise.

But the one titbit of information that got my giddier than a granny at a Christmas party who has had one too many sherry’s was the reveal of underwater exploration.

For me, this throws up loads of possibilities for GTA V and gives the title tons of potential. The idea of exploring the dark, deep recesses of the oceans of Los Santos conjures up many possible scenarios and here, we examine 5 possibilities that this new feature could create.

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