Excitement in GTA V is once more at a fever pitch today following the official unveiling of 10 new screenshots and the game that never seems to evade the public eye is once more very much within the public consciousness.

In November 2011, Rockstar Games officially unveiled their debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V – the latest in their series of best-selling crime titles – but since then, information has come few and far between.

Prior to this afternoon, screenshots and other materials regarding the game have been relatively scarce, to the point of Rockstar apologising for going quiet on fans.

However, they more than made up for that quiet period today with a series of stunning images depicting various GTA V gameplay elements to whet our already insatiable appetite.

Each and every day of the week, fans worldwide head to Google and punch in “GTA V News” (perhaps that’s how you stumbled upon this article) in the hope that new information will have been made available, and they will not have been disappointed today.

Considering GTA V is once more a big talking point this afternoon, we thought we’d remind everyone just why we’re all so excited for the upcoming crime title. After all, since the delay until September, we all have quite a way to go until release.

Here are five reasons why you should be excited for GTA V.

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This article was first posted on March 27, 2013