At the end of October last year, Rockstar Games revealed via Newswire that the massively hyped sandbox title Grand Theft Auto V was to be released in the Spring of 2013. They stated that the game would be available to pre-order as of November, and that a “host of new information” would also be released that same month.

They followed up on their promise of releasing a goldmine of info for the fervently anticipated title before the end of the year, but fans were to be left bitterly disappointed, even crestfallen when news broke late last month that the title would be delayed until September, forcing fans to wait a further four months before getting their paws on the game everyone and his cat have been talking about.

It lead to widespread condemnation of Rockstar with some fans venting their fury at the game developer, whilst some rumours circled the web proffering conspiracy theory-based speculation as to the real reason for the delay, namely the looming release of next gen consoles.

Yeah, sure, it sucks that GTA V has been delayed, but there are some positives.

Here, we examine 5 reasons why the delay isn’t such a bad thing.

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This article was first posted on February 8, 2013