Waiting for a Grand Theft Auto trailer is a little bit like waiting for a bus. You wait for ages and ages and then suddenly three turn up all at once.

Yesterday, Rockstar Games released not one, not two but three one minute long trailers entitled Michael, Franklin, Trevor.

With the release of the above videos, so ended a near five month wait for GTA footage, perhaps explaining why the trailers were so hungrily gobbled up by a ravenous baying crowd when they hit the internet highway yesterday afternoon.

Already fans have been pouting over the videos, examining them frame by frame (or maybe that’s just us) trying to spot some hidden feature or to just take in the wonders of the content, and already one seemingly prevailing opinion is that Trevor’s video was the best of the three.

Packed with more action than your average Bruce Willis flick, Trevor featured said namesake, the aggressive, unhinged, sneering psychopath, as he hit people with baseball bats, punched motorists in the face and clumsily flew aeroplanes, sandwiched in between embarrassing, drunken misdemeanors.

Here, we’re going to analyze just why we think Trevor will be the best of the three multiple protagonists in GTA V.

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This article was first posted on May 1, 2013