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The release of Grand Theft Auto V is so close that we can almost hear the chattering of machine gun fire from here.

In seven (count them) seven short days, the latest in Rockstar Game’s ultra-popular sandbox series will hit stores, causing frenzied lines of fans queuing round the block at their nearest stores.

So far, we’ve had a vast array of screenshots, numerous trailers and several other tidbits of information released surrounding the crime epic, and now, today, the official map has supposedly been leaked online.

The image, seen above, purportedly reveals a series of locations dotted about the in-game universe of Los Santos and its surrounding areas based on Southern California.

While the map itself is sufficiently revealing, it was the accompanying legend that really gives the game away when it comes to what we may expect to stumble upon when we slip the disc in next Tuesday.

In the past, developers Rockstar have helplessly watched on as certain key aspects of GTA V have been leaked onto the internet, and yet another treasure trove of information has landed on our laps earlier than anticipated.

Here, we take a look at 5 Things The Leaked Map Possibly Reveals.

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This article was first posted on September 11, 2013